Welcome to Tokyo Rehabilitation Office, providing 
Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) services by professional, expert therapists fully licensed in the US and Japan. We have been providing high-quality physical therapy to the English speaking population in Tokyo for over 25 years.  
We combine the newest, most effective techniques with unmatched experience in order to provide the utmost in quality care.  We are dedicated to constantly upgrading our skills.  We understand that total health is influenced by well-being on many levels, and are here to be an instrument for healing, de-stressing, and living a full and pain free life. 

Founded by Mari Gish, PT, with over 30 years of experience, our staff includes US-trained Physical Therapists and certified Athletic Trainers.   Having worked in hospitals, clinics, and in home health settings, our staff have a wealth of experience in treating even complex medical conditions.  We will work closely with your health care provider in Japan or back home to provide for your speedy recovery.  

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