Strain/Counterstrain (Positional Release Technique): a painless, gentle technique to “fool the brain” by placing muscles in specific positions to eliminate muscle spasms, tension and pain. 

Muscle Energy Technique:  Rather than using thrust techniques to correct alignment issues, muscle energy technique is gentle and specific, using the physics of your own muscles to isometrically reposition and correct misalignments. 

Mulligan Technique:  This unique system of joint mobilizations and taping can dramatically help with pain surrounding virtually every joint in the body. 

The Trager Approach: This psychophysical integration approach helps unblock restrictions & holding patterns, thereby relieving pain.

Primal Reflex Release Technique:  This new approach has provided the missing piece for many of our patients, who have quickly recovered from even long-term, chronic, conditions.  This technique uses primal reflexes (such as the startle and withdrawal) to influence and calm the sympathetic nervous system, which is often causing our symptoms.  

TMR (Total Motion Release):  Symptoms are often caused by subtle imbalances in our bodies that develop over the years.  In TMR, we test for weaknesses and restrictions throughout the body.  Focusing on the good side often restores balance and alignment by releasing restrictions in the trouble areas. 

Trigger Point Therapy:  Trigger points are deep and hard contractions that can develop within the muscles, causing pain and movement impairments.  In this therapy, we find and work directly on the trigger points to relieve the contractions.

Myofascial Release:  This is a treatment designed to release restrictions and adhesions in the connective tissue.  

Treatments & Techniques
Some of the treatments and techniques used include: