What we treat:  
We strive to provide the quickest, most effective, and painless methods for your recovery.  We offer gentle, but highly effective techniques to re-balance, heal, eliminate pain, strengthen and recover your physical, neurological and emotional well-being.  Whenever there is trauma or pain, all of these components are involved, and therefore, we treat the whole body and the whole person.  Some examples of conditions we treat are- 
- Acute or chronic pain- Anyone who has been immobilized (in a cast or brace)
- Post-surgical rehabilitation
- Frozen Shoulder
- Sports injuries- Repetitive stress injuries- Headaches, Neck pain, Back pain
- Tennis Elbow- Achilles Tendinitis- Neurological or Orthopedic conditions- Arthritis, Joint pain
- TMJ (Face and Jaw pain)
Women's Health (Pregnancy and post-partum, incontinence, prolapse conditions, post-mastectomy rehabilitation, pelvic muscle rehab and pelvic pain)
- Pediatrics: Specialization in developmental, neurological and orthopedic

What is Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy, or P.T.)?  Physical Therapy is a medical profession specializing in the treatment of pain and movement disorders stemming from any number of causes.  PTs graduate from accredited University PT programs and must pass the Boards to be licensed in the State or country in which they practice. 

Mari is licensed in both the U.S. and Japan.  For a more complete Bio, click Here.
Treatments consist of thorough and ongoing evaluations, a combination of manual therapies (hands-on treatments), therapeutic exercises, relaxation exercises, modalities (such as ultrasound, hot/cold, electrotherapy, traction etc), therapeutic massage, balance and gait training, etc. 

Specialists: We offer experienced Athletic Specialists with ATC (certified athletic trainer) qualifications.  ATCs are health care professionals specializing in the prevention and treatment of various injuries to return the body to full functionality.   We also provide referral services to qualified medical and other practitioners, from Pilates, foot specialties, chiropractic, massage therapies, acupuncture, etc.

Our Services